Betty Noonan

Chief Marketing Officer at Cree, Inc.

Darcy Antonellis

 CEO, Vubiquity



Elevating Your Communication & Executive Presence

This workshop will focus on “executive presence” including strategies and techniques with which individuals convey confidence and clarity in a whole variety of professional situations from personal branding to interpersonal interactions to presentations in front of large groups.  Participants will have the chance to brainstorm brand statements, to engage in impromptu presentations, and to share feedback.

Leader: Tim Flood, UNC Kenan-Flagler Associate Professor of Management and Corporate Communication

Centered Leadership with McKinsey & Co.’s Maital Guttman

Leader: Maital Guttman, Diversity Manager, McKinsey & Company, KFBS ’13

McKinsey’s Maital Guttman (MBA ’13) will lead a workshop inspired by research from the Power of Parity report compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute which outlined specific factors contributing to gender inequality in different regions across the globe. This workshop will focus on leadership development as a key component to achieving gender parity here in the United States. Attendees will learn about the Centered Leadership Model developed by McKinsey partner Joanna Barsh. The model is designed to help women lead with purpose and clarity and includes five key dimensions: meaning, positive framing, connecting, engaging and energizing. This session will focus on meaning.

Women in Entrepreneurship: Deconstructing the Pitch

Hear successful entrepreneurs pitch their business and get feedback from experienced investors. They’ll break down the elements of a winning pitch and give advice on how to pitch your business.

Moderator: Jan Davis, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UNC, Investor in Triangle Angel Partners, UNC ’73, KFBS ’79

Entrepreneurs: Nicole Corbett, Founder & CEO, Worn, a mission-driven creative agency

Braden Rawls, Founder & CEO, Vital Plan

Susan Greene, President, SPG Associates, specialists in non-profit consulting



Women in Fortune 500 Companies

Get guidance from experienced women on navigating the world’s largest companies. How to get in, move up and address particular challenges and opportunities posed by the work environment at Fortune 500 companies.

Leader: Sherri Stuewer, Retired VP for Environmental Policy and Planning, ExxonMobil


Bryce Caswell, Instock Manager, Amazon

Serbrina Cammerato, Managing Director, The Siegfried Group

Allison Bubar, Vice President, Strategy, Market Presence and Real Estate, Advanced Auto, UNC ’02

Allegra Stanek, Senior Marketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, KFBS ’15

Nora Lee, Systems Integration Manager, Accenture

Dealing with Career Disruptions

How to overcome unplanned changes, from career switches to life events, without derailing your career. Hear women share their stories and advice on disruption, resiliency and how to adapt your plan as you go.

Leader: Tonya Taylor, Principal and Executive Consultant, The Gift Development Group


Cathy Combs, Director of Sustainability, Eastman Chemical

Kimberly Jeffs, Co-Owner, NC Center for Resiliency

Geanine Thompson, Associate Director, Game: Plan College, Emily Krzyzewski Center

Heather Sevin, Americas Regional Project Controller, ExxonMobil

Mary Ellen Gustainis, Business Manager, Formulation Additives, BASF

Women in Retail & Real Estate: The E-Commerce Effect

Understand how the advent of e-commerce is changing traditional brick & mortar retail, from professionals in both retail and real estate.

Leader: Claudia Kubowicz Malhotra, Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School


Katie Bucklew, VP of Development, EDENS, UNC BSBA ’05, MAC ’06

Sabrina Jones, Director, Asset Services, CBRE, UNC ’00, KFBS ’09

Natalie Williams, Store Team Leader, Raleigh, Target, UNC ’09

Leah Platz, Senior Director, Merchandise Operations, Walmart

Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Learn from women in finance, energy and other male-dominated industries on how to navigate a career or company in which you’re one of the few women in the room.

Leader: Margaret Cording, President of Executive Development, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School


Michelle Gauchat, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, KFBS ’16

Glenda Elio, Director of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Eastman Chemical

Rebecca Wren, Associate, JP Morgan, KFBS ’16

Roxanne Bras, Former Civil Affairs Officer, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and Founder of Supper Meals

Kelsey Kirchmann Pasley, Consultant, Accenture, UNC ’12